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Sell Your Property in Bergen County & Hudson County, NJ - List for Sale your Condos, Condominiums, Co-Ops, Cooperatives, Townhomes, Town Houses, Single-Family Homes, Multiple-Family Houses, & More in Northern New Jersey

selling propertyLet Karen DeMarco help you find a buyer for your house or other property

Use the below form to request real estate services from Realtor® / real estate agent Karen DeMarco for home sellers and property sale in New Jersey, including home sales, selling a house, selling real estate, and selling property, in Bergen County and Hudson County, NJ.

Please take a minute to complete and submit this form, to give Karen an idea of your overall needs so that she can help find a buyer for your property.

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Karen DeMarco - Realtor®
Cell: 201-776-6762 • Fax: 201-484-0434 • Send E-Mail
Sales Associate with real estate broker
Group Twenty Six LLC | Real Estate

115 River Road, Pier 103, Edgewater, NJ 07020 • 201-969-2626 


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